Six volunteers now ‘At the Helm’

After our initial recruitment campaign in July and training programme in August we now have 6 fully trained volunteers with 3 at each site.

So welcome to Brian, Bradley, Caleb, David, Roger, and Will who have already recorded a total of 57 volunteering hours. We also launched our quarterly on line newsletter in October – ‘At the Helm’.

At Denver the volunteers have been mostly learning how the lock works and assisting with locking boats through. Although they are less active now as it is the boating low season the new lock keeper has got an number of jobs lined up for them so watch this space for photos.


“Denver David”

At Northampton the volunteers have been assisting around the Marina with general maintenance.The marina doesn’t just have moorings for boats but also has a BBQ area, a wild flower walk and a lot of shrubs and trees to look after – it is a haven for wildlife.


Northampton wild flower walk




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