Northampton Clear Up

Yesterday (Wed 8 Aug) 6 volunteers and 4 Environment Agency staff took on the “island ” at Northampton marina – and won! This piece of land is a peninsula jutting out into the Nene just as boats approach the Marina and Northampton lock. It was overgrown and littered and needed a good clear up.  It also needed opening up to view  to try and discourage anti-social behavior.

Five Environment Agency Waterways Volunteers (plus their Cambridgeshire ACRE co-ordinator)  met at Brampton EA office and car shared to Northampton where they met with a Northampton Volunteer and EA staff. After the essential safety briefing they headed out to clip back shrubs, chop down tree branches, hack at brambles and tussle with ivy. Large sections of bank were cleared and opened up and an enormous pile of cleared vegetation was created (to be chipped at a later date). It was enjoyable work and the cooler weather helped.  There are plans to return…




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